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  1. Wood Service
    In this service you will buy what is on the catalog.
    You will either pick up, or get the order delivered. After payment is received I will drop off or set up access chest.
    Co-Owner is Mossiknights. I will reply to your thread who is getting it, either me or him. Thanks

    Oak Log:

    Stack 95Rupees
    S/C 2450Rupees
    D/C 4700Rupees
    Birch Log:

    Stack 92Rupees
    S/C 2400Rupees
    D/C 4650Rupees
    Spruce Wood:
    Stack: 95Rupees
    S/C 2450Rupees
    D/C 4700Rupees
    Jungle Log:
    Stack 92Rupees
    S/C 2400Rupees
    D/C 4650Rupees

    Transportation is 100r Extra.
    Optional Deadline. If completed within this time you will pay an extra 300r.

    Item(s): 2 DC of Oak Log, and 1 SC of Birch Logs
    Transportation? to 15177 on Smp7 of the cost of 100r
    Optional deadline: within 7 days of this post.
    Price: With deadline 12100Rupees.
    If not met only 11800

    Please stick to under 3 DC at a time. Makes it easier for everyone.

    EDIT: Im pretty busy with work, sports, army my life etc. So I will try my best to get on the most and get your order.
    Most orders are done on Utopia. Therefore pick up will be at 5430 to the left of spawn. Once payment is received I will set up the access chests when I am on next. If you dont pick up within 1 week I will "Void" your order. Meaning it is now mine, and you paid for nothing. I can do what I want with it.
  2. whos gunna get this started?
  3. Item(s): 1 DC of Birch Logs
    Transportation? Pickup form you res :)
    Optional deadline: No thankies
    Price: 4650r
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  4. Sure, would you like a deadline and a transportation?
  5. Sorry didn't see the from :) filled it out :)
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  6. Thanks. I'll edit the res numbers in the main post.
  7. Birch or Spruce...?
  8. Ohh sorry hehehe I'm not at my most alert today :p
    Spruce please :)
  9. On it XD
  10. And I might not have it done for a few days. Over the next 2 days I will hardly be on EMC. Work, then Watching hte crows and work expeirience tomorrow. But I'll do my best
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  11. 2 DC of Oak Log, and 1 SC of Spruce Logs
    I will pick up.
    No deadline.
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  12. Thank you
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  13. EDIT: Added a new "Stack" Option
  14. EDIT: Mossiknights is the co-owner