[MagicLauncher] Installing Forge (Help me D:)

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  1. So, I'm trying to get MagicLauncher to install Schematica, because it isn't working for me when I try, but it works on MagicLauncher, but Forge just gives me "???" Halp. EDIT: I need Schematica installing help. I got Forge, but what do I install on Schematica?
  2. Forge is kinda bugged out on MagicLauncher. It will say that mods are incompatible with, or just show you "???", but generally if you just ignore the errors it'll still work. :)
  3. Okay, thanks a tom, I'll see if it works.
  4. Try FTB mod pack, it is awesome :)
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  5. Okey, scratch that. I installed Forge reguarly, but I still need to install Schematica, can anyone help me on that?
  6. MagicLauncher is extremely tacky anyways - I don't use it and never will again. I also don't reccomend its use.

    Install schematica, and drag the zip into the Minecraft mods folder. Not the Jar file, but the mods folder located inside the .minecraft folder.
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  7. Here's a shot of my current Magic Launcher setup. So far, I haven't found any probem with it:


    Make sure you use the most recent version of Forge, 4.73.
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  8. Sorry but there are those who are like me and are still learning to mod their Minecraft and Magic Launcher is easier to understand than dragging a crapton of files into the jar and then it crashing. I have mods that I use that don't seem to work with Forge and every single time I install Forge I get issues. If it helps us install things better then by all means I will use it.
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  9. Wait Magic Launcher is supposed to be easier?
    I find Magic launcher EXTREMELY Difficult so I just drag stuff into my .jar
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  10. I reccomend this. It's much easier to use than MagicLauncher, less complex, and i've been using it for awhile now because I am now too lazy to drag files into my .JAR :p
  11. Step 1: Put mods in mods folder.
    Step 2: Open Magic Launcher and Press Setup.
    Step 3: Choose Internal mods for the top list and in proper order.
    Step 4: Start Game.

    I used to use that but everyone ranted it was crappy and I needed Magic Launcher. Nearly everything I find is either Modloader or Forge and Modloader refused to work for me in MCPatcher.
  12. How do I get the zip for it? I only have the Jar.
  13. Nope, MagicLauncher is just more mainstream which is why people use it and reccomend it. It took me about a week to learn how to use ML whereas with MCPatcher it took me about a minute. I have problems with modloader when I use MCPatcher to install it too, but I don't know of very many mods that don't use forge these days.
  14. Do you have 7-zip?
  15. I'm on a mac ._.
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  16. Try getting WinRAR or WinZip? Then open up the JAR file with it and put its content into your MODs folder.
  17. Change the filename extension from .jar to .zip.
  18. Woah... That's pretty complex. It's a wonder I got mine working.

    I haven't tried MCPatcher because I found MagicLauncher first. I looked at their link and they seemed similar. I do remember messing around a bit to understand how it worked, but there's not much to it.

    Regardless of what you prefer, I find it much better to use one of these utilities than dropping files into my jar file then finding something isn't working and having to start over again with a clean installation. Or having to save backups every time I try something new.

    Download a mod, check a box, test it, and done. If something doesn't work right, you just back out of hte change by unchecking it. I've been through three MC updates since I started using one and I hope to never go back to manually loading my jar.
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  19. So I did what you guys said, but there is several things in the file. There are loads of classes, and I'm confused ._.
  20. So you went the WinZip route?
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