Magical Mobs?!

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  1. In my singleplayer game (around the time of 1.7) i trapped some chickens in my basement for egg farming. it took me about an hour to trap 5. I then went mining and when i returned found to my shock/horror that they had indeed disappeared. (Magically. -.- )
    My question is: (1) do mobs disappear if you go away from them? (2) Is there a way to keep my cruel factory farm without having to babysit the damn things?/Will this be made possible in an update maybe?
  2. I'm fairly confident most mobs have a distance before they despawn from the world, I forget the exact distances, but every one has a distance where it notices the player/spawns.


    A mob that is more than 128 blocks (spherical) from every player will spontaneously despawn (die).

    A mob that is more than 32 blocks from every player, and is more than 30 seconds old, has a 1 in 800 chance of despawning. That makes the average lifespan of a mob just under one minute, if they never come within 32 blocks of a player (but see the note below).

    A mob that is within 32 blocks of at least one player, and is more than 30 seconds old, has a 1 in 800 chance of being "born again" -- having their age reset to zero and getting another 30 seconds of immunity to despawning (this may actually be a bug, the actual intention being to always reset the mob's age when it comes closer than 32 blocks).
  3. Yes they will go away :(, I am not sure what the exact logic is in the game but the same thing has happened to me.
  4. Justin knows that I know this very well. When he first introduced me to the game, we made our own private server...I spent a good couple hours setting up a jail...uh I mean, holding area for animals I wanted to keep as slave....I mean, pets. After I got them all in, I was super excited. I came back the next day and they were all gone. I was crushed. :(
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  5. same happend to my chicken pit....i mean coop...i was devastated when i left to go mining then returned to find all 4 chickens magically dead....and i wasted 20 eggs to get the 4 :'( this must be fixed so those of us that wish to enslave these creatures to do our bidding(produce eggs,wool,milk,etc) i mean love them and pet them and squeeze them >.> bby no means do i mean put them in a cage and use them for goods then slaughter them for more food >.> <.<