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  1. Its a new shop that took over 3000R to make! Ive Been Working on this for more than 60 days! that is a long time the grand opening will have Free Items Thrown Evrywhere and that is all I also have some Screen Shot taken!

    2012-05-17_14.51.03.png 2012-05-17_14.51.11.png 2012-05-17_14.51.17.png 2012-05-17_14.51.21.png 2012-05-17_14.51.26.png 2012-05-17_14.51.43.png 2012-05-17_14.51.59.png 2012-05-17_14.52.08.png 2012-05-17_14.53.33.png
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  2. The Grand Opening is June 1st at 3:00Pm Moutain Time res# 3628
  3. Um, what exactly is "Moutan Time"? And how exactly does it compare to Central Standard Time in the US? XD

    Also, what res/lot are you on, otherwise no one will show up cuz we don't know where to go. :p
  4. Moutan is a lovely region in China by the P├Žonia Mountan range. That's actually where the Moutan peony tree gets it's name also. It's a nice shrub with lots different color flowers. That's a 12 hour difference from the East Coast (13 Central).

    But if he meant Mountain :p, then that's one hour behind Central...

    Good Luck with the shop!
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  5. Sry Spelling Error