Madjackjacks Epic Residince

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  1. 1 I have a shop 2 Dontation room 3 room and member sign up 4 madjackjacks home
    5 and Hotels If u want to be a hotel staff please tell me when im makeing a new hotel Because i need 3 helpers to help me with the hotel and they become hotel staff :D and also I will be poasting im makeing a hotel on this Thread it will have the date and time i am Building it who ever wants to help well who ever gets there first gets to help and if u grive = a report and my res ban also their is a video called madjackjacks residince on youtube if u wana watch it thats all
  2. And... not a single punctuation mark.
  3. welcome to the Empire oh and people on the forums prefer proper grammar and punctuation because when people don't it looks like a reads like 5 year old typed it. :/ (so keep that in mind when on the forums if you write normally, (how I am now) then you will be liked and not looked upon. :D
  4. I think He's fine... It's just the way he types. Or Typed... It Doesn't really matter but if you insert the punctuation in yourself and do so correctly then you will be able to comprehend what he is trying to get across to us. Which is mostly about how he needs help with his hotel, and how volunteers would become hotel staff is they so wished. I don't think to judge him on his typing I think to just look at what he says and see if it interests me. :)
  5. Lol?
  6. good job spelling *residence*
  7. i used to type like him. now i dont. i figured its easier to not rush through life and enjoy it. anyone else with me?
  8. I understand where you're coming from, and I respect your argument. However, that post was quite long. As a guy who interprets everything he reads into a voice in my head, that post was especially jumbled, as there were very few pauses, which can be confusing. Especially in this case, when he said "1I have a shop 2 a dontation room 3 room". It took me a considerable while to understand that he was attempting to create a list. Now, if he had taken the little time needed and hit return a few times, then it would have made it much easier for me to read.
    Just my opinion on all of this.