Made a little video SMP7 Wilderness Spawns

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  1. Nothing special but a little tour. :D

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  2. looks nice till we start to mine it lol

    can u like to the skin u are using
  3. Sorry but, who is Paril? :p
  4. The creator of McSkin3D :p
  5. OW ok :p
  6. good job on the video nmanley :)
    also where can i get the minimap mod :S
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  8. Thanks and yes, where Barkley1987 said.
  9. I like your voice lol :confused:
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  10. The random 1 block wide chasm thing just on the border of the protected zone is a bug and I think its been fixed by JustinGuy already :)
  11. Thanks, very nice of you! :D
    I'm just a guy raised in the south and traveled all over the country (months at a time) with my old job.