Madden Game idea

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by nerone94, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. I did this for a few close friends on another website. THe basic idea is that, on my Madden 12, (or is ti 13?) I will create a team or take over a bad team in Franchise mode. People will fill out player profiles for the player at the position they want. I will then sim/play the games in franshice mode, posting stats and scores here with a recap of th game.


    someone fills out a profile for the QB of a team. I sim the game, then post the stats of their player here on the forum for them to see.

    It takes a lot of effort by me, and i dont do it every signle day, but i try to keep up on it pretty well. It does turn out to be a lot of fun. Anybody interested?