Mad Miner(new Mini boss or new Boss idea)

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  1. I just got a idea of adding a new Boss or Mini Boss called the MAD MINER.

    This boss or mini boss is going to spawn in caves somewhere at diamond level. He has the ability to see throughout blocks and will automatically start following and attacking the player. If the player will block himself with any block the Mad Miner will break the block and continue attacking the player. If the player reaches the entrance the Mad Miner will despawn. He will have a 70 hp(cause his skin hardened in the caves) and will wear diamond pants named Mad Miners Pants pro 3 and unbreaking 5. The message will say "you hear cries in the cave". His drops will be from 10-20 of diamonds, a rare chance of getting his pants, gold 20-30, iron 15-30, coal 5-50, and his pick that will have sharpness 5 efficient 3 and unbreaking 5 and will be called Mad Miners Pick Axe(rare chance too).

    plz tell me of the idea, hope you like this :)
  2. well thx for telling even thought I already did so
  3. oh
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