mad fast horse!

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  1. how much do u think this would go for
  2. An error image? 0r?
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  3. can we do an auction... I would bid as much as 3.14r
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  4. you mean 3.141592653589793238462643383r?
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  5. Shush, I bid one pumpkhin pie
  6. Shush, I bid all of the muffins I have decapitated.
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  7. I bid all the deserts in the world, that I have pulverized to a fine dust, smeared with the blood of cherry pies :>
  8. I bid all the desserts in the world, all are perfectly edible and whole, except for the muffins. All sprinkled with bacon, and more bacon, and more bacon.
  9. Muffins are a pastry... Not a desert. Besides, bacon makes every thing better
  10. This is one instance where spelling actually matters
  11. Doesn't affect me am dyslexic when life gives you melons you are dyslexic :p
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  12. Picture is broken for me. How much speed does it have?
  13. srrry about this there is another post on top
  14. Difference? Anything that's made with sugar/sweets is a dessert in my opinion.
  15. Still no picture xD
  16. Huge difference. Desserts are like a sinful delight, while muffins you can have at any time in the day. ;3
    I bid all the desserts in the world, to make sure Cordial can never be sinful again. I'm saving you...
  17. Sin? Enjoying a dessert is not a sin. :p
    But enjoying a pastry is.
  18. Um, why is this thread getting so spammy. :|