Mad At The Glitches/bugs

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  1. I had One Diamond Silk Touch Pickax 11 Villager 10 Emerald 10 Diamonds
    I put them in a chest the next day and There gone! I later find out that THE DUMB LAG
    Caused them to be Deleted, Now I'm Probably temporally banned From smp1 for Acndintly
    taking 64 diamonds for some noob named laindo seb . I want my pick back. and the vilager eggs.
    if your lissioning admins I WANT MY Pick BACK!
  2. -
    Somewhere out there, a dictionary is crying.
  3. Mod's don't give stuff out, so...

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  4. How far away from spawn were you?
  5. Don't name people on the forums please just talk with an admin -_-
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  6. This is HIGLY unappropiate! Saying Latino_Seb a noob is not cool. You dont even KNOW him to call him a noob! I want this thread locked. If you agree, like my post!
  7. I will clean up your mess.

    I had a diamond Silk Touch pickaxe, 11 villager eggs, 10 emeralds, and 10 diamonds.
    I put them in a chest, and the next day, they went missing! I later found out that the lag caused them to be deleted, now i'm probably Temp. banned from Smp1 for accidently taking 64 diamonds from someone. I want my pickaxe back, villager eggs, and diamond back. Please admins, is their anything you can do to help me out?

    Now, go read the guide. Nothing happened to your items. Check every chest, I promise its in there. The lag that caused this has happened to me. No, I didn't make a useless thread about it. I check the last chest I accessed and it was there.
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  8. I'm pretty sure someone else got banned for doing this as well. its a silk touch pick.... 4 emeralds and another pick can get it? or even 1k will buy you one. Emeralds? make a farm.... villager eggs... just breed? Diamonds? go mining... Mods won't ever give you back items unless you have proof that you once had them. There are no logs for this kind of thing. Have you ever died in minecraft? Pretty much the same thing, and you don't see everyone raging about that...
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  9. Exactly!
    Yesterday I threw 32 Slimeballs on the floor, lag took 'em. Told my friend, looked in the last chest they were in, found them there!