Machine Learning and Neural Networks

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  1. Lately I've found many very interesting videos of computers learning how to expertly play video games. Imagine a whole eSport of complete expert robots. Who could each never get killed.

    In one of sethbling's videos of this, he try's his program on Tetris, but it didnt work properly. At the end it decided to pause forever, because if it was paused forever, it could never lose.

    Here is him showing his program playing Mario.

    Another interesting series are these little creatures which eventually, after many generations, become stable and dont need to evolve anymore. Its pretty cool heres the first episode...

    In this video, a few blocks learn how to jump over a ball after many generations...

    In this one, these blobs learn how to become gun masters

    What do you guys think of this?
  2. This is amazing.
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  3. Another one of my favorites