Mac Minecraft Help!

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  1. Im at my dads house and I've been trying to download minecraft. But i download it and unpack it and it says "This application is not supported on this Architecture" How can i fix this?
  2. Not quite sure, sorry :(?
    Though I'm on a mac, I don't how to help :(.
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  3. What's your iOS version and Mac type?
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  4. Just some stuff I found when googling.

    1) This might work: Click the Apple logo at the top left of your screen. Click "Software Update." ...Update I guess?
    2) Are you downloading the right package? It has to be .jar or .app, not .exe
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  5. I am currently up to date on software and im downloading the file from for mac OS X. I have an older Power Mac G4
  6. I believe the power Mac G4 Isn't supported by Minecraft due to it using a different processor architecture.
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  7. Ok thanks, that is what it is saying that its not on that architecture.
  8. Yeah, that Mac your using is just outdated