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  1. Recently I ordered a pair of G930 wireless logitech headphones, they came in the mail today and I went to install the software until realizing it was only for windows and I have a mac. I know there are programs for mac to run windows on a mac, so if someone can help me with links / ideas of what I can do to get these headphones to work on my mac that would be great!
    ( Yes I know I should buy a PC )
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  2. There's a program called crossover i have it and its amazing

    Parallels is a virtual desktop

    Boot camp windows

    Or virtual machine
  3. I just need it to run a gaming headset software btw, nothing crazy
  4. Let me find the name of the virtual machine one I think it's free, hang on
  5. VMware fusion has free 30 days

    Crossover has free 14 or 7 days

    If you have a windows license and disk ill post the boot camp instructions

    I love macs
  6. I dont mind paying for some programs if you have some that are cheap and work well
  7. I have personally used crossover and I love it

    It doesn't run everything but it runs just about everything, including games. I payed 40 a year ago price could have risen

    I've also don't the other 3 methods

    My ranking of most reliable

    Crossover- is a wrapper so it doesn't put windows on just emulates it- definitely Best option
    VMware fusion - is great virtual machine, so it runs everything but transferring files over is a pain and you may not be able to use it on the Mac side
    Parallels - expensive
    Boot camp- always had problems with it
  8. I am thinking of buying crossover, do i go through that everytime i want to use my windows software though?
    How exactly does it all work with crossover?
  9. Don't buy it yet. Try it out before you spend money make sure it works for you.

    Crossover Is a wrapper meaning it emulates windows so it "wrapps" around the .exe and makes the program think its running on the proper operating system

    Yes you have to run it through but if you add it to the options you can just click on it and it'll run crossover in the background and open like a normal exe
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  10. What form of windows should I download for if im using crossover?
  11. When you launch it up you have to click on manage bottles (search it in the help menu) add a new one, add windows whatever you want(xp and 7 are best) then when it's done click on run command then find the program and click it. It should boot up
  12. I'm logging off hope this helped if you have more questions ill answer tomorrow morning or look up tutorials online

    Good luck :)
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  13. Most of the information I could find suggested that it would work with the default osx drivers, but you wouldn't get more than the basic functionality. Here's one example where basically just plugged it in:

    If you just want to use the headset and microphone, I wouldn't bother with adding other software.
  14. thank you, i figured it out now!
  15. Did you do anything special like you were discussing earlier or use only its basic functionality?
  16. I tried crossover but it didnt work out very well, so sticking with basic functionality
  17. Use VirtualBox instead, it's free