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  1. So whenever I want to post screenshots to threads, auctions or want to install a mod I can't because my minecraft folder has disappeared... Can anyone help or enlighten me on this situation? Makes no sense where it is.
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  2. Ok.
    Did you go to finder, click "Go", hold "Option," and then click library?

    If that does not work, go into settings, click "resource packs, " click "Open resource pack folder," then click "View", then click "as columns". You should see the minecraft folder.
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  3. If you are in OS X I will write it out so you don't have to watch that video which has incredibly tiny text.
    Open finder.
    Click "go"
    Click go to folder
    Type the following into the box that appears: ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/
    Type it exactly like that, with the tildes and the space and caps
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  4. Alternate route:
    Step 1: Buy a new computer with Windows.
    Step 2: Download Ubuntu. Use Windows only when you need too.
    Step 3: ???
    Step 4: Profit.
  5. Go away.

    Open spotlight(Command + Spacebar) and type in your computer account username. Select the option with the house symbol, if the house doesn't show, hover over the first options with your account username and open that. Then right click the folder once it is open in finder and pick "view" then click show Library folder. Then navigate your way to /Application Support/Minecraft/Screenshots. And it should be there.
  6. Might have to do this..
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  7. Except you can just get Linux over your OSX.
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  8. I had this happen also.
    Go into resource packs, click open folder. Then click the button in finder with the little columns so you can see all the files. Library will be blurred. create an alias to permanently fix the problem.
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  9. Not without 'hacking'. Apple don't let you download new OSes.
    No, mba, you go away :3
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  10. Noooope not true
    EDIT: Let the flamewar begin XD
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  11. Guys problem solved, no more posts needed :p
    Thanks for the help btw!