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  1. I'm IcecreamGoat (no relation to that cow guy). I've only been arund for a few dayz. Luuuving it! Spend most of my time grazing on SMP7 I think. Haven't really been to the wild yet... scary place (I herd people kill animals there :eek:.) Looking forward to grazing in ur pastures.
  2. IcecreamGoat, you sound familiar.... i just cant put my finger on it :p
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  3. Welcome IcecreamGoat :) Hope you enjoy your stay at EMC ^_^
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  4. welcome icecreamco......errrr......goat!
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  5. IceCreamPig
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  6. Maybe Goat and Cow can meet each other and graze together? Making new funny icecream tastes?
  7. I like pigs. I hate goats :cool:
  8. Welcome to empire minecraft where the server trolls you.
  9. No Like for you.
  10. :) No like for u either :D
  11. dislike D:
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  12. And his like/post ratio is now 3.4. I will always be following you. (well, not in that creepy sense)
    Welcome to the empire! And be careful in town, as well. There are more people who want your ice cream.
  13. How do you find out your ratio Secret?
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  14. # of likes / # of posts
    You can see those by click on your avatar, (or your name) going to the homepage and looking on the right, just above the server list, or going to your profile.
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  15. Dose baby goats. ~<3

    Well that made me happier ^w^

    And welcome! >w>

    (Though this doesn't mean much coming from me :()
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  16. Goat Cheese flavored Icecream + Vanilla flavored icecream = ????? flavored icecream
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  17. Welcome :)
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  18. welcome! you're always welcome on my res where the pastures are always nice and cut and you get to graze all you wish free of charge! :D
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  19. If you claim a residence it's 60x60 grass! All for your own!
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