Ma nah ma nah!

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  1. Some people on the server think the muppets are stupid! Darned 2000 kids. >:eek:
  2. For people who don't understand the title:

  3. Lol thanks green_mystery :D
  4. lol i never really liked the muppets, but i knew this song :D
  5. Argh.... My friend has this song recorded on his phone so like whenever I get mad, he plays that song. xD
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  6. friends... ya...

    lol JK.
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  7. Yayyyyy 89/90's kids! :D
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  8. you know, i really wish that i was more of a 90's kid. born in '97, so i TECHNICALLY am a 90's kid, but that doesnt count. :(
  9. Yeah, it doez :3
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