M&D Lumber Co.

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  1. Here are some Picture's i took of are workshop,shop and tree farm. Most of them are about month old or so. I just want to see the community thinks of are buildings :p their's tons more but these are my favorite :p
    2012-04-15_03.25.17.png 2012-04-15_03.29.36.png 2012-04-15_03.31.08.png 2012-04-15_03.31.42.png 2012-04-15_03.32.29.png 2012-04-15_03.32.49.png 2012-06-10_02.02.06.png 2012-04-15_03.35.46.png
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  2. Which res?
  3. Nice, can I order?
  4. Smp5, 10181 is the shop just walk outside to see the rest :), and thanks Alex we have done a lot of redesigning since then but yea just pm me if need some logs here and there
  5. Very nice! How long did it take to build?
  6. Hmmm Murrgetter and I joined on Jan 26, so I guess then it looks very different compared when we started but the tree farm that we built and still adding more levels have taking us about 48 comebined hours and only cost us about 10k to build it , we get most of are own stuff.
  7. I'd like 5 stacks of each log, 50r/stack okay?
  8. Wow! Not as much as I thought it'd be. But then I've never built something as big as that.
  9. Sounds good Alex I pm when the order is filled, start on it on Monday got family stuff to do tomorrow.
    Well I would prolly cost a lot if just brought it from shops and didn't go to the nether and wild to get materials also the automated gen doesn't hurt at all :p, The buildings weren't big projects in the start we just grew and grew like a "Tree" :)
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  10. So 50r a stack?
  11. Yea deal
  12. Sounds good. Let me know in a PM :)
  13. We need to work a deal for some enchanted axes, especially eff. Enchantments
  14. I can supply you guys with enchanted axes.