LZBZ_DW's signature/intro service (Updated to offer motion tracking)

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  1. I am now offering motion tracking as an option for any intros/signatures you would like to purchase.

    My prices vary depending on what you want. We will hash out the details in PM, so if you are interested, please PM me. Please feel free to post comments in the thread though :)

    Here is some of my work:

    New option for motion tracking:

    Physics example:

    My WIP Intro:
  2. How much would one cost of my name with a bunch of slimes?
  3. How's mine going LZ?
  4. So I'm curious what you guys think of the motion tracking, like my example above (putting minecraft/name's in actual videos).

    If somebody sends me a video of themselves with their hand open, palm up, with the camera moving around it... I'd like to see what I could do with that (motion tracking). So if you can send me a decent quality video, I'd do that one free of charge (first high quality vid only).
  5. Send me a pm with more details please. ie animated/still, complexity of the scene, etc.
  6. Awesome :)
    Look up my PM :)
  7. Thanks for the best sig evar LZ. :)
  8. R12 cinema 4d
    Its impossible
  9. Please don't post your signatures on my signature thread, but feel free to make your own, I'll come check it out.
  10. I really want an intro for my YouTube videos but I don't know what I want :/
  11. Is this to say I shouldn't be charging for my signatures? I don't plan on changing that.
  12. Hey
    I would Love to pay for a signature
    ill pm you my ideas, :)
  13. Id LOVE a signature from you... Just think of whatever and ill probably like it, considering the amazing ones you have made in the past.
  14. can i have one


    Visit 9140 For Clock Tower Hotel And Book Shop (how you want)
    A Clock Tower Moving Hands
    A Book
  15. Oh nice, animations or just static images?
    There are several people that opted out of getting a signature from me due to cost, so if you set up your service in a thread, let me know and I'll send you people that turn me down due to cost, or even post a link to your free service in my OP.
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  16. Can I have a picture of my character with loads of emeralds and jems raining down around him ?
  17. make minimoose and gir dancing around a squirrel :p
  18. To those of you that already have a deal with me, your signatures are still going to be completed.
    I will not be taking new business until further notice, so if you didn't get a reply from me, my apologies but I will not be getting to these signatures in the near future. I definitely appreciate the fantastic response to this post in my inbox, but I'm afraid I'm getting more requests than I can handle. I'll need a while to catch up, as I like to play in game sometimes too :p I will bump this post once I have caught up on all of the work already ironed out in PM.
    My apologies for any inconvenience.
  19. Nice work dude!!:)
  20. Hey can you make an intro for EMC_TV?
    I would like big 3d letters saying EMC_TV and then tons of minecraft characters falling from the sky and onto the floor.
    Also if you click it, you would go to Twitch.tv/emc_tv
Thread Status:
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