Lumberjacks - Easy Riches (SMP2, or vault from another server)

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  1. I am always eager to get lumberjacks at /v 4116. An efficient wood farm can generate you easily 12 stacks an hour of logs or ~480r at our STARTING rate of 40r/stack. A senior lumberjack can be even more efficient (16 stacks/hour at 65r/stack = 1040r/hr). The price is even higher for birch/pine logs.

    To build an efficient oak log farm, place the saplings in rows, with a row of torches in between each second row. (Two rows of saplings, for each row of torches.) There are more efficient arrangements of trees, but they are harder to cut down. When placed in rows you can go straight through and cut trees without stopping.

    I recommend to build your tree farm in a room with a height of 7-8 blocks. This prevents the huge trees from growing which have branches blocking other trees growing, and also are harder to cut down.
  2. Also sell to Azmart: Smp1 at ./v 514
  3. I like it
  4. I have a wood farm for oak on the roof of my res, 168 trees, over a thousand logs per harvest.

    Actually think I've been selling to the shop on smp6, it says azoundria on the sign, I think.
  5. gott can i buy some wood?
  6. Sure, send me a message and let me know what you need.
  7. You can put all the saplings next to eachother and they will still grow.
  8. Only every 3 saplings I think :)
  9. I've had an 8x2 chunk of them all grow next to each-other before.
  10. For oak, yes. For pine and birch, you need a gap.

    However, there cannot be any logs above the sapling from another tree.

    Also, note that each sapling needs to be well lit. That means at most 1/5 of the blocks (1 torch can at most light 4 saplings) must be torches. However, I find making every third row torches to be easier to cut because you don't accidentally chop the torches.
  11. I use jacko's in the floors.
  12. I find that rows of two saplings woth torches lining eachside work well.
  13. And now we will have jungle trees....
    2x2 squares of jungle tree wood.
    You get so much wood.. i can see wood being easier to get, and possibly going down a bit in price