Luckiest Moment in Your Life (So Far)

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  1. Hey everyone, taking into account a situation that happened with me yesterday, I figured that I would make a thread where everyone could tell their luckiest moment that has occurred in their life. Please keep the discussion clean!

    Here's mine: Yesterday I totaled my motorcycle and walked away with nothing but a few cuts. I was only wearing a helmet. No other protective gear. I consider myself incredibly lucky.

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  2. I got a perfect 300 in wii bowling....
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  3. Wow... I once got about some 1000 in 100 pin...
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  4. Getting nothing but a couple scratches when sliding a go cart sideways down a 50 ft. hill.... (Don't ask why)
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  5. Well I was riding behind an ATV on a sled in snow, slipped off, got my foot caught in the rope attaching us, and got my ankle fractured.
    Could have been a lot worse.
    Ark_warrior1 knows he was there watching it all unfold xD
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  6. Once I was using the vending machine at my school and I paid for one cliff bar...IT GAVE ME TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  7. i went to my winter formal with a (now) ex boyfriend a few years ago.. back in 2008 i think.
    i was in a dress that my grandmother made me, i had light up high heeled shoes that i absolutely loved. 'twas december, 'twas snowing, 'twas cold and icy.

    we were headed home, it was about 9pm and dark.. at the ignored requests i asked him to slow down a few times before he went around a corner and hit a giant patch of ice, we fish tailed, swerved.. we hit a tree head on at at least 70 miles an hour, or so it felt.. (wasn't slow at all) going around the turn we hit the tree which spun the vehicle over the bank.. rolling it a few times into a river.
    the hood was smashed in inches above my head, the car was sideways and the headlights were shinning into the water.
    i remember opening my eyes and chocking on the dust from the airbag.. which was horrible, that was terrible to try to breathe with. he had asked if i was okay and pulled me out.. i couldn't find my shoes at first, he helped me walk up the bank to the road where someone saw us a few minutes later. they let him call my house and i sat in the car while they helped us.
    the car had fallen down a 50 foot hill, where there should have been, and now is a guardrail located that was placed a few years after. i can't even remember the water being cold, or how could it was in a dress outside in the snow with no shoes.
    i had a cut around my hips where the seat belt was and my dress was bloody.. i had a goose egg sized bump on my leg and a few scratches.. we were lucky to have gotten out of that without much more harm.

    i remember they found my mood ring i wore jammed in the air duct in the back of the car xD
    lesson learned? ford explorers... good cars. the front was so smashed in that the hood/front area was in line with the tires.. tree bark was entangled in the grill.. first accident i'd ever been in, hopefully my last too lol
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  8. Oh yes cliff bars
  9. I was leaning back in my computer chair and as I was falling I grabbed my computer desk and pulled the whole desk down. Nothing broke!
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  10. Before my mom found out she was pregnant with me, she developed a kidney stone the size of a walnut.

    She went to the doctor and was going to have it blasted with a sonic wave or something, she asked for an ultrasound. Lo and behold, right next to this adorable little walnut was a (gorgeous) baby boy. As any (MOST) loving mothers would, she opted to keep that kidney stone in her for 9 months while she was pregnant with me. This was so that, along with the walnut, I wouldn't be crushed by the sonic wave thing. So my mom went through unbearable pain for 9 months + normal pregnancy suckiness to have a sarcastic, but always awesome little boy.

    (Given the kidney stones size, she wouldn't be able to pass it normally. I don't know why surgery wasn't an option, but I assume it wasn't.)