lozmaniac25 welcomes all! (Except mean people and bottomless holes...)

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  1. Hello there, Empire players! My name, as you can see, is lozmaniac25, and I am relatively new to these servers. I started a few days ago, actually, and started my own Empire. At first, I thought that this was sort of similar to all the other survival servers and said to myself, "Oh hey look, it's just another server." That was where I was wrong, when I found out you could buy/sell things and do jobs for virtual money that can be used on any servers among the Empire! My first job was where I made my first friend on the server. I was to collect cobblestone for my first employer, and one I would meet many more times. His name was samsimx, just another player online that was on this awesome server for free. At first I was only in his property to earn rupees, but after the job was over, we somehow became amiable allies. Well, that actually started when he started his own store. He was looking for someone to help him build and take care of the store. Since I step up to 99% of the challenges given to me, I asked if I could be his business partner. He let me, and that's where we really became friends. After a bit, i met this guy named EvanBonfanti, another quite awesome Minecraft player that was here for free. There isn't much to say because not much happened, but he later became another one of our Empire allies. He is also the one who redesigned our shop at samsimx's residence. supercolin2, by the way, is my brother. Oh, I haven't said much about me, have I? Well, I'm just a 14 year old girl would likes to have fun when possible. That's practically all I have to say about myself. Well now you know the story on how I began building my Empire, well, I should say, OUR Empire.

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  2. Welcome lozmaniac25, I hope you have a blast on here, and remember the rule you should follow the closest is the unwritten one, have fun. Any questions? Here to help :).
  3. Your a VERY good writer!

    Welcome to the Empire!

    What server do you play on? im assuming smp7?
  4. Thanks guys, yes I am having a lot of fun and indeed I'm on smp7. My residence is located at 14322 just so you know. Thank you again for the warm welcome! :D
  5. Welcome to EMC!
  6. Thank you!!!
  7. Welcome to the Empire
    "Where the Server Trolls You"-Justinguy
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  8. Welcome to the Empire!! Not all of us play for free, but that doesn't affect our attitude towards regular players. I hope you have just as much fun as I have had here!!
  9. *as you are having*

    Gosh. ;D
  10. Mehhh. Silly Alex, correcting everything I say ;P
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  11. I really wasn't expecting many comments in so short time, and all or if not most of them nice and positive. Usual when I got to other places it's not as friendly as this. This makes the Empire even better!
  12. Welcome to the Empire! d=:D=b