Lower Prices for supporters?

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  1. I am considering becoming an iron supporter as it is the cheapest support there is on this site.
    However, I will have to pay in british pounds. If I am correct, this is £2. I refuse to pay £6 or £12 just for an epic game I like to play with my friends.
    I know this is not a problem for most, but could you lower the prices for supporters? £12 is a little overpriced for three residences and TNT-use. I could log onto Minecraft Nation and do this for free. But EMC is alot better.
  2. Dude if you dont like it, dont buy it
  3. Well to be fair I'm happy with the prices, people will buy membership and wont care if they get banned (because its cheap) and some griefers will pay to annoy people :(. But Iron is only about £3.43-month so I think that is fine and if you are not happy i would advise going to another server also if supporter was cheap than EMC wouldn't be here they wouldn't get as much money to run the servers=only SMP1-2 will be left than they will get over crowded and Laggy then people wouldn't play on it which means supporter should not be cheaper

    Also Iron Is a guaranteed place on the worlds best server so I think its under price xD
  4. Well, they would probably end up pulling in more money if the prices were lower as more people could justify upgrading to the next supporter level. Personally, I think $20 is a little much to pay per month on a game that you already spent $20 to get in the first place.
  5. Yeah I know what you mean but that's what you have to pay to have a good 24/7 server and when its
  6. To be honest, this is somewhat insulting. If its a great server (which it is) then you'd spent as much as you could. Simple logic if you like it, you get it. The prices are fine as they are if anything cheaper then they should be.

    Everyones donation goes towards running this server from paying the host, to making updates for US. In the end the money we spent is returned to us not in the form we spent it in but around us. :)

    If anything people should be more encouraged to pay as this is a GREAT server.

    Just my opinion
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  7. Epic game + and Epic server makes the Diamond sub worth it, even at $20.

    If you really like something you would support it. The prices are set as they are for a reason, they wont change.

    I myself support on two accounts, because I really love this place :)
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  8. I haven't replied to one of these in awhile :)

    Running a server is not free. Let alone 6+ servers handling over 300 connections at once in addition to a web site that gets over 5,000 visits a day (and 30-50k page views). All these things cost money. Not to mention the amount of time myself and the rest of the wonderful staff members put into it. Software engineering is what I do for a living and instead of doing more paying jobs I spend about 50 hours a week working on the technical side of EMC. Every dollar that has ever been received has gone directly back into the community, mostly into hosting and adding more servers. We do this because we love it. We want to provide an awesome service to an awesome community. If I was a millionaire (or anyone wants to donate a TON of cash) I would launch 500 servers and get rid off supporters all together. But it is what it is and it costs money to do this.

    This is why we have as little as $5 a month. $5 USD is barely a single lunch at a fast food restaurant and in most areas it couldn't even buy you half a movie ticket. I would agree if we only had $20 a month it would be a little steep, this is why we offer a low, a high, and a middle. Going under $5 isn't really worth the time that has to be put in to manage the billing (cancellations / disputes / etc) and after PayPal and the CC companies get their cut.

    So at the end of the day we do this because we love it. We will continue to provide the best service possible to the Minecraft community, that is our only goal here (and an audience to elect me as president.... but that is later ;) ). Supporters share in this vision and make it possible financially. If at the end of the day you think $5 is too much money to support our cause then don't become a supporter. Together we are a community and we will either succeed or fail, but I would place your bet on success ;)
  9. There's really no reason to be offended here, Ryukk. Some people are just more frugal about how they spend their money. For example, I really love gummy bears, but I don't spend all of my money on them just because I enjoy their flavor.

    Personally, I don't have a problem with donating for the sake of donating, but it really seems more like a service here on EMC. Almost everyone seems to be more interested in what they can get out of supporting, rather than what supporting can do for EMC.
  10. I don't think there is anything wrong with the current prices for supporter. This is an awesome server and an awesome community. $5 a month isn't a lot of money these days.
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  11. So become one :D
  12. I wasn't actually suggesting lowering the prices, I was just responding to Squizzel_Boy's post which stated that EMC would stand to make less money if the prices were, in fact, lowered. As for the talk of Diamond supporting, my point didn't really come out the way I was intending it to. It was mainly directed at the restriction of TNT and how only the highest level of supporters are allowed to use it.
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  13. For now my sister SillyWhiteMage is supporter. We share an apartment. Can't both be supporter atm
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  14. If diamond supporter is too cheap. Someone will spare their lunch money and abuse it. TNT in the wild -.-
    And nuke the whole place.
    But people who consider to pay 20$ (mostly) wouldnt do ridiculous things.
    Unless they are spoiled child and is rich and dumb to spend 20$ just to do things like tnt griefing in utopia.
  15. lol you would be surprised, we have people become supporters and go off griefing or breaking other rules, thinking it protects them :p.
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  16. I wouldn't be. The majority of EMC members still get an allowance.
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  17. Ehhem, is the wilderness not already nuked? I protest! Reset the smp3 wilderness Justin! Ok. Off topic. Im done.
  18. I think griefer have some kind of xray too. i build an underground base in the wild with a small cobblegen and farms. I came back and there was a hole dug through the back of it ripped off all my redstone and piston :(

    yea it's look like already nuked. lol.
  19. It's not a nuke. Its hydrogen. Worse than a nuke
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  20. Next one would be anti-matter
    lol :D