"Low Disk Space"

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  1. So every time I come onto my laptop I get a message that says "Low Disk Space". I don't know whats wrong or how to fix it. I think that's whats causing me to not let me log on to minecraft.net because its always crashes. I can't do much on my laptop anymore because of this Low Disk Space. Anybody know whats wrong?
  2. your hard drive is full
    move/ delete some files to clear up space
    edit: by move i mean move them off of your laptop onto a portable hard drive or a flashdrive/jumpdrive
  3. If you use fraps... go delete recordings.

    Max was all like "My windows is full!" and I go check her Fraps folder.... 550 Gigs. All of minecraft -_-
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  4. That is a lot of Minecraft...
  5. You don't understand. I NEED those. ALL of them... *Eyes dart around in suspicion..*
    They're mine. D=
  6. not really, fraps has notoriously HUGE file sizes, 550gigs is about 3 or 4 hours i think, unrendered
  7. Well I do have a TON of pictures but I need them!
  8. when this happens to me I just go out on buy a second 2TB Hard Drive and put it in my spare drive slots ;3 it lasts me a good year or so (without junk)
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  9. Insert willy wonka meme here, I can't make one ATM because memegenerator seems to be down.. All the images apprear broken. I think that they might've been hacked.. :/