Love This Holiday Event

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    I'm loving this event so far, too bad it only lasts until Wednesday :/
  2. Wow, you got skills.
    And have put in lots of work.
    My results are much different, killed 8 so far.
  3. I've got like 7 slicers so far, but I don't know how you've found 13 chests, lol.
  4. I've repaired my sword 4 times, turkeys take so much durability out of it -.-
  5. How have you found so many chests? :p I'm up to three Slicers, almost two stacks of Cooked Turkey but I should really go out looking for some Feast Papers.
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  6. I just looked around

    For about 20 hours
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  7. Wow nice haul. I am very sad that I cannot take part in this event due to computer problems :(
    Anyway, it is nice to see that people are having fun with it.
  8. 2014-12-03_22.55.52.png Update;

    End of the event, this was my total haul over the week it was active.

    Turkey Slicer x 13
    Ham Hacker x 3
    Feast for a King x 32
    Cooked Turkey x 333
    Diamond x 126
    Stacked Cake x 3 1/2 stacks

    Not too bad :) now, to wait a couple months then sell all of it!
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  9. Wu....wut .-.
  10. 2014-12-03_21.13.25.png
    I took a little bit of a different approach
  11. i got nothing but a bunch of the cooked turkey around 6 stacks ;p either way nowhere close to what you guys got XD now.....what to do with it all
  12. So how did you combine the stacks of cake? I mean the most I got stacked was 12
  13. I would love to know how you got so many and how many you killed to get 13 slicers? Difficulty level? Promo
    sword? Cash? Hax?...
  14. I'd have to count how many turkeys I killed to get an accurate number, but if I had to guess, around 80.
  15. You clicked on a stack of cake and left clicked another stack.
  16. My winnings
    • 12 Turkey Slicers
    • 5 Ham Hackers
    • 11 Feast for a King
    • 2 Stacks and 33 Cake
    • 8 1/2 Stacks of Cooked Turkey
    • Severe Carpal Tunnel
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