Love my texturepack!

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Do you want this texture pack?

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  1. Hey guys, just wanted to show you this awesome texture pack. It is very popular, and is always up to date. It is called Dokucraft(Dark/High/Light). I use high, just because I prefer it more than the other. A really cool thing is that they recently added an amaznig panarama of the night sky. You can see things like distant galaxies, moons, and even moving shooting stars. Also the fireworks look very old school when the Chinese used them for military weapons. Also the chat is gold, so diamond supporters look like normal mods and mods look like new players O_O.
    By no means is this advertising, I just wanted to let people know of this amazing texture pack. I took some screenshots of the sky and I will try to post them in a minute.
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  2. Crap, I can't upload them from imgur. Well, just check it out for yourself!
  3. I used to use dokucraft, but I didn't like the mobs that much. Everything else though is pretty nice.
  4. lol, no, I'm not high, I just really like it.
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  6. Well uh... It's great... that you've found a "texturepack" you love... Uh ;)