Love Empire Minecraft (-:

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  1. Thought it would be a nice idea if people commented saying why they love Empire Minecraft.
    There's lots of people who have come from different servers and the number of members has grown there must be reasons why (-:

    So why do you love Empire Minecraft? (-:
  2. Addicting! unique! Special! Easy! Fun! Awesome Community! ALL OF THE ABOVE!

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  3. Beeing a mod on the last server, before plugin failure and missing mods got it to shut down, I really like the technical know how and the mod support in the Empire. Also many of the special features are awesome. Its like playing Minecraft 2.0 ;)


    Also I'm addicted to the little red sqaure saying something new is in the forum going on. :p Love the forum!
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  4. I love Empire Minecraft because of the community <3
  5. Techincally its all of to the side but I'll let you off ;-o
  6. This is why I love the Empire, the shear ammount of work Justin puts into programming etc.


    This really shows how dedicated Justin is towards this community :D And that is why I love this place; both admins are really dedicated :)
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  7. Favorite thing is this site - I have browsed around most of the top 20 servers on the voting sites and looked at their forums... some even use this exact style, but ours is much easier to use and see what's going on. Also, my favorite features are the Empire Guide (which tells users how to do everything they can do in EMC) and the rupees history page. Believe it or not, most other servers don't provide this information anywhere on their sites! :eek: You'd think it would be common sense, but I guess not! Anyway, many great reasons to love EMC, but these are my favorites. Good thread! :p
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  8. Cause its fun to mess with the mods.
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  9. there is too much to pick from....
  10. Yeah the guide is a really good feature (-: Shame not all use it !
  11. Well there's only one thing I love,..........ALL OF YOU!!!!ps. Having great time in France, my brother told me there's smp5 :D good luck for the future EMC;) 。・°°・(>_<)・°°・。
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  12. It's the mods 100%.

    They do their duty like many mods, however when was the last time you heard a mod on EMC tell you something you thought was unfair or unprofessional?

    The answer for me is 'Never'.

    It appears to me that they and Justin strive to make sure that they always act as professionally as possible, and are genuine lovers of the Empire as well. Our welfare and the welfare of our creations are looked after and closely moderated, but not in an imposing way. Great balance, great mods.

    The Empire is special almost supremely because of that in my opinion. And I think that helps attract the mature, creative and friendly players I find myself currently surrounded with.
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  13. It's the high degree of professionalism for me too, along with how well thought out and well set up everything is (which is a byproduct of professionalism).

    I remember being very impressed with this when I first joined, and I continue to be impressed by all the improvements and enhancements that are being made regularly.
  14. I don't think I can say, in good conscience, that I love EMC yet as it's a little early in our relationship. I mean... we've only been seeing each other regularly for about a month now. I'm not going to lie, I do have feelings for EMC, and it would make me sad to see anything bad happen to it, but it's just a little too soon for me.

    I-I've been hurt before by so many other servers promising me that they'll stay and keep me entertained, but sure enough, something comes up. Sometimes they leave quietly in the night, without even a goodbye... others have been more abusive, molesting my minecraft.jar with the mods that I installed just to keep them happy.

    I hope that our blooming relationship won't wilt too soon...

    although im banned :p
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