Lottie1664's Vampire story

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  1. Jessica Mewl, her twin and her mother moved to Shawsville only weeks a few ago. Jessica and her twin, Ashley, were so nervous about starting at a new school, but isn’t everyone? “I’m so nervous!” Jessica told Ashley, “Really? Jessica, didn’t mum tell you that you literally get everything handed to you on a golden plate? And, for lunches, there’s SUSHI!” Jessica’s mum, Amelia, had told Jessica all of this, and sushi was her favourite food. But, in scam’s, everything seemed too good to be true, and was. Jessica just had an inkling that something wasn’t right. As soon as their mum’s car pulled up outside West Shawsville Primary, Jessica didn’t feel any better. She looked at the school logo. A snake…. with a university hat? Now, that was just STRANGE. Their mother gave them their bags, and then said goodbye so that she wouldn’t get all emotional, again! “Well, this is it,” Jessica muttered, “West Shawsville Primary.” From the outside, everything was so pink and bright and fluffy! But, on the inside, it was horrible! The buildings were black with red roof’s. Jessica took a peek in one of the classrooms, then in another. Everything in the classrooms were exactly in the same spot as another! But, it was as if Ashley was seeing something else. “Woah, yellow tables?”,or, “Oh my gosh! Pink uniforms!”. Jessica knew that Ashley had dyslexia, but this was just going too far. Before Jessica could say anything, they found their classroom. “Room 6C. Here we are!” As soon as they entered, Ashley asked why no-one was here. Jessica was starting to think that her sister’s vision was a small bit wacky, because the teacher was standing right in front of them. “Hello, Mrs..” Jessica read the name of the teacher’s badge. “Mrs Veronica?” The teacher laughed. “Yez,” Mrs Veronica said, “In zis zcool zu call ze teacherz by zair firzt name.” French, Jessica thought. Mrs Veronica clapped and the rest of the class looked at the new kids. “Hello, Mrs,” Ashley said “Sorry, I didn’t see you there. I think I might need my vision checked.” The class turned away before laughing. “Well, no time for zat!” Before Jessica could say anything, Mrs Veronica sunk her teeth into Ashley’s neck. For a split second, Jessica thought that her new teacher was a cannibal. She smiled at Jessica, showing a large set of fangs. “Clazz,” the teacher said, “Lunch time!”

    After that day, the twins were never seen again.