1. I got this idea from a post so I'll try to test it out. I'm going to be setting up a lottery right here on the forum, each ticket costs 50R. I will keep in track of the transaction through the rupee history right here on the forum. Once you have paid you may post 5 random numbers from 1 to 90 ONCE (You cannot change the numbers once you have posted it, if I see that your post has the remark that it has been edited your 5 numbers will not count!). If the 5 numbers match the random numbers that comes directly from this website http://www.random.org/ you shall PM me that you have won and I shall verify this by looking at this post.

    Current Winning Jackpot: 5000R
    Ending date: February 4th, 2012
    Current Winning Numbers: ?? | ?? | ?? | ?? | ??

    If you are scared that I might steal your money, don't worry, if I ever do steal your money you can report me for stealing. Stealing is an illegal offense on EMC.