[lottery drawing] Jabr's first lottery drawing!

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  1. It's that time! I've been runnning a lottery from 201, and it's now time for the drawing!

    309 tickets were bought, for a prize of 25,000r!

    I'll be livestreaming the drawing at 3:00 EST, so come watch and see if you won!

    Livestream address:


    I'll be holding another lottery soon, so keep an eye on the lottery room at 201! (It's the emerald room, across and to the right). Remember, to enter, buy a "ticket" (a piece of paper) from the shop in the lottery room. And before you ask any questions, check the signs in the room, I've already answered most questions there.

    Finally, thanks to wipple4 for livestreaming and animating!


    This lottery has been highly regulated according to the EMC gaming regulations, and ok'd by staff.
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  2. Wipple4 has just donated small 2nd and 3rd place prizes:

    3k for second place and 1k for third!
  3. How do I buy a ticket?
  4. address has been added to the first post!

    come on to see if you won!
  5. you'll have to wait until the next one. This one is closed. when the next one opens, come to 201 and buy a ticket :)
  6. Congrats on those who won :D (I was one of the 4watching :D)
  7. Winners:

    First Prize: NinjaBoy5656
    Second Prize: Melk73
    Third Prize: Adsingh

    Thanks for playing everyone! I'll open again soon :)
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  8. * Looks at rupee balance *
    * Realizes it's 25,000 rupees too high *
    * Checks rupee history *
    * Received payment of 25,000 rupees from Jabr *
    * Doesn't realize what it's for *
    * Checks all threads on the active list and sees this one *
    * Reads through thread *
    * Screams like a little girl *

    Thanks a lot JabrZer0! I think I'll place a donation as soon as the next one starts. :)
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