[Lottery] 11110[CANCELLED]

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  1. There is a lottery at 11110.
    first place: 1 million ruppees
    second place: Labor day bench (2014)
    It will end after all tickets are sold
    1k per ticket
    1:1100 chance in every ticket
    I keep 100k

    May the odds be in your favor
  2. Where have I seen this before?
  3. Just give the results already i already wasted all my r cmon bro
  4. Oddly familiar
    Why do people copy logic that was flawed to begin with?
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  5. your skins looks like a blurry copy of mine, plagiarism! jk acid creepers rock!
  6. how many stacks left???
  7. Can i bump someone elses thread or is that not allowed
  8. Not to my knowledge; it must be the same account. However, that may be just for auctions.
  9. cooli just wont:)
  10. if the lottery isnt drawn from in 5 days may we all get our r back ???
  11. How many tickets are left until it is drawn?
  12. i believe it may have been canceled just a belief
  13. The winner will be drawn when all tickets are sold.
  14. It was canceled, and the payments reimbursed.
  15. I actually see my payment has been given back now, actually, it was given days ago. Perhaps MVP should had posted here to say it was cancelled as many thought it was still going on.
    Looks like it is cancelled now, if you don't have your pay back, PM MVPdrose (seeing as how I have mine, you should have yours?) :p
  16. I did get my payback a few days ago