Lots of stuff, Smp6

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Do you like my res?

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  1. Hey everyone, you should all come to my res on smp6, 12943, and check out my sand biome, jungle biome, police station, small helicopter and pagoda creation! it took me a while and costed alot of rupees, so it would also be highly appreciated if you donated :) thx for your time!
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  2. SOunds cool
  3. 2012-06-20_19.02.06.png 2012-06-20_19.03.17.png 2012-06-20_19.01.38.png 2012-06-20_19.04.18.png 2012-06-20_19.04.44.png 2012-06-20_19.11.05.png some screenshots of my res
  4. Did you make the Japanese temple from Unofficial aid for Minecraft players
  5. An IOS app
  6. ?? lol sry, i dont know what your talking about :D
  7. I got the pagoda idea off utube, but changed it heaps
  8. Ok but there's something similiar on an IPod app