Lots of stone bricks needed!

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What would you like to do?

Visit the castle when done? 5 vote(s) 62.5%
Donate time/money for project? 2 vote(s) 25.0%
Sell Stone bricks to me? 5 vote(s) 62.5%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Hi empire,
    My name is MinerNicolas and i am looking for loads of stone bricks. I will have a shop up in 2 hours after i post this message. I am building a HUGE GIANT castle in the sky. I have had this idea for a while. You can help by donating money(or time), or selling stone bricks to me. (Donators will their name on the bottom of this post. Please PM if you want to do this so i know what is happening) Donators will get special gifts when i finish the floating castle(Like Diamonds, Gold, Lapis, And Iron ). I will buy Stone bricks for 64 for 25r so when you get a chance and you want to make some money come to 11175 and sell sell sell for money money money. Thanks for your time. :) I will be posting updates when i make progress so you can see how it is going. Donators: None Yet Be the first to donate.
  3. A question; What is your res and on which server?

    And yes, the font is not a very pleasant one to read.
  4. It is on smp5, and i will change the font in a sec.
  5. Is that better.
  6. Just use the default font :)
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  7. Come on, no bold just default!

    Back OT: I had loads of bricks sometime ago but sold all i think.
  8. i think 514 sells stone on smp1
  9. Do you now what the sell for?
  10. I have made the 2 chest and i am also buying glass 10 for 4r so far i will change prices every few days.
  11. First one to pm me and donate 100r gets 2 diamonds! I will post the winner when they donate.
  12. i have a **** ton of stone bricks but there in my friends res atm, i'll sell you some soon also on smp4 go to 8485
    and check out my stone brick castle (and shop)
  13. Sure i will come check it out.
  14. I have a tower made out of sone bricks in the wild. After I get all the valuables off the property ill give you the coordinates and you can have at it. Wednesday maybe.
  15. Thanks so much for this i will pay you once you give me the cords.:D
  16. Res 11175 is down atm so pm if you want to sell to me and we can make arrangements
  17. Worker needed to work on the project. Handsome pay, don't need to provide materials, Gets name on sign when job is done saying they worked on it.