Lots of jobs!

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  1. OK, so me, ShawnZup, camdenmil, pikminboy111, swataholic, and pilotcat ALL need our lots mined down(to-or at least near-bedrock for all 6 lots). We are willing to pay you guys a lot of money to do it, and we supply the shovels. PS they're all smp1, all adjacent to each other. please come on and ask us if you're willing to dig(with free shovels)
  2. Hey ill help after i finished the res that i am currently working on
  3. Im interested in.. Will this be diamond shovels?
  4. Im currently digging put a whole res down to bedrock so i have experience
  5. Ok what will it be for?
  6. We START by giving stone shovels. once you mine enough we'll start giving iron, then diamond. We want it so that if you steal our shovels, you already mined enough dirt to pay yourself off so we don't gotta get in any arguments.

    We'll discuss payment server-side. Go to smp1, and if any of us are on(shawnzup, bluebl1, camdenmil, pilotcat, pikminboy111, swataholic) just /tell us you're willing to work and we'll be glad to hire.
  7. I am willing when i finished the 1 i am currently working on
  8. i already worked with camdenmil
    got 512r
  9. I know i'm the one that hired you :p you can work on my lot if you like...
  10. wow 512 4 diggen allot that's a rip..
  11. no it's not 512 per lot!!! that's a huge ripoff! we pay you 512 for every 8x8 area u mine. if u mine a whole lot u get 28,800r!
  12. ok deal ill be on maybe 2maro
  13. So anybody else like money and wanna do the easiest possible work to get lots of it?

    I'm paying 8r for every column of dirt you mine, some of my friends are paying 512r for every 8x8 you mine, which is the SAME PAY as me, but you don't have to mine the entire 8x8 to get your pay for me. I think one friend is doing 128r for a 4x4 area(again: same pay!) it's all paying 8r per column of dirt. If you do that job for all 7-8 of us you could earn up to 230,400r!!!
  14. Yep, I'm in. Ill be on SMP1 this evening.
  15. i'm in to, i'll be on
  16. Neither of you are on now :| oh well if you come onto Smp1 in the next couple of hours I should be on for awhile
  17. I do it, if it's still going
  18. It is. If I'm on the server while you're on use /tell and i'll give you the job.
  19. I'll help I am a good builder.