Lots of Items for Sale

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  1. I figured making individual threads is annoying... So im going to make one big one for all my items for sale since I don't have a shop running ATM.


    Total Avaliable: 1440 (22.5 Stacks)
    Price Per: 45R per stack

    Ender Pearl

    Total Avaliable: 102
    Price Per: 15R

    Diamond Ore

    Total Avaliable: 31
    Price Per: 117R


    Total Avaliable: 15
    Price Per: 60R

    Note Block

    Total Avaliable: 90
    Price Per: 7R

    Sticky Piston

    Total Avaliable: 36
    Price Per: 65R

    Bane of Arthropods IV Diamond Sword

    Total Avaliable: 1
    Price Per: 1000R

    Good luck to me selling all this :p
  2. I will buy you some sticky pistons if the price will be 55r, than i'll buy 5.
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  3. added my sword to the list.
  4. Accept? Not the sword.
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  5. no i dont accept.
  6. :( maybe if no one wants to buy anything... :)
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  7. Good for you. When slime balls themselves are going for between 50-90r it hardly makes sense to sell the sticky pistons for 55r.
  8. updated stock