Lots of Diamondsss

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  1. I have 3.5 stacks of diamonds that I'm selling for 46R each. -> That's 10,304R

    I also have 48 Diamond Ore that im selling for 120R each -> That's 5760R
  2. Hey if nobody doesn't want to buy them just haul your diamonds around and try to get shops that will give you 45-50r a pop. :)
  3. I will buy the diamonds.

    So that's 225 diamonds @ 46 each, total 10304 - deal.

    Please contact me on SMP9, if possible; I'm there very often. Thanks.
  4. ...and, I got them. Thanks very much, drogba921!
  5. Why are you selling ore for nearly triple the price of a single actual diamond? Ore is typically used as decoration, as such should maybe be a smidge cheaper?
  6. Diamond ore is worth 110-150 per :)
  7. An ore could be mined with "Fortune III" producing on-average 2.2 diamonds per piece.
    So you may think it should be 2.2 x the price of diamond.
    However, obtaining it also wears down a "Silk Touch" pick - and those are expensive. Plus, it is not so common for it to be available to buy.
    I think the price is quite reasonable (but I don't want more diamond ore right now).
  8. 120r for diamond ore is perfectly reasonable. I sell mine for 130 and they sell well.