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  1. Hello!

    I do think this is a long shot, but...

    Well, I recently spent 32k eggifying Ocelots to put them in a sealed jungle-like home, but it turns out, they just disappeared for no reason. Apparently, untamed Ocelots just vanish in town. I didn't know that, and I personally couldn't find any warning about this on the forum, so is there I way I could get my money back on that or something?

    I did give away 5 of those Ocelot eggs and managed to save 5, so at least that's 10k that were spared.

    I do understand if nothing can be done, but I thought I could at least try.
  2. Was it really necessary to make two threads?
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  3. Please make one thread. Also, ocelots despawn. EMC can't fix what Mojang implements.
  4. Yes, it was necessary to make two threads.

    One of them was to suggest that the despawning of Ocelots in town be removed. That goes in Suggestions.

    The second, this one, was to see if I could possibly get something for the lost Ocelots.

    1 situation, 2 different needs that each go under a different category.
  5. Hate to be Captain Hindsight... but it would have been way cheaper to just breed the ocelots in town using fish, since eggification is free on residences.
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  6. Also, 32k divided by 100 is 320... It would take you ages to find that many in wild.
    How do you even have 32k if you just joined 18 days ago, anyways?
  7. Don't you mean Captain Obvious?
  8. OH wow...That's supposed to be 3.2k XD

    Total of 32 Ocelots.
    It was a lot faster to just eggify them, plus at first, I completely forgot it cost money. ^^;
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  9. To be honest if you are supporter then you can go to this flattened jungle biome and eggify there. Took me 2 minutes to get a stack of ocelots. What I am saying is, Ocelots only spawn on Grass, in jungle biomes. This is why you can barely find them with leaves on the ground. Next time, just do what I do.
  10. No.