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Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by ignoramoose, Feb 29, 2012.

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  1. So krysyyjane9191 just claimed her second lot, and her lot at 3762 disappeared! That was our shared shop (minekea)! It shows that it is unclaimed, but she didn't unclaim it.

    Please help! Is there any way to restore it?
  2. Did you check with her about claiming/unclaiming the lots?
    I looked this up on square, and according to the logs, she unclaimed the res 3762 before claiming 3553.
    Edit: right now she owns 3553 and 3558.
  3. She's in class, but she said she didn't intend to unclaim/claim any lot.
  4. Sorry to hear if there was a mix up, you might want to check with her, according to our logs she unclaimed it on her own. Not saying it couldn't be an error, just saying what it says:

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  5. Could it be undone from a backup?
  6. It was done 15 minutes ago, so if it wasn't her that unclaimed the lot, let me know. If it was a mistake and she unclaimed the wrong lot, I don't think there's anything we can do to restore it :(
  7. She's been in class, and I've been texting her back and forth. She said she didn't unclaim that one, she was on the other one.

    That lot basically had everything we own on it. We share a shop.
  8. Here's something I just recently learned: when you're using commands to deal with residences and their permissions, you can specify which residence you want to modify.
    For example, if you're standing on 7471 and want to work with 7321, you can use "/res 7321 pset amadai build t".
    I think this works with unclaiming residences as well. I know it's a bit late, now, though :\
  9. I can honestly say not having this pretty much ends my career on the server, and her's as well. Hell, im pretty sure the dragon egg was on that lot.
  10. If it was an error I might be able to get it restored from a backup, but it prob wouldn't be until later tonight or tomorrow. It is a lot of work to do this for one small area.
  11. Definitely was an error. Talked to her on the phone. I'm sorry to ask to put you through so much work.
  12. If it was an error through EMC, JustinGuy will definitely want to fix this, so thanks for bringing it up.
  13. I haven't talked to her in person yet to get all the details, but she said she wouldn't unclaim it, she was trying to unclaim the other empty lot. I'm guessing lag issues, I'll find out soon.
  14. She just unclaimed the other lot and reclaimed the one needing the restore (so that someone else won't claim it and start building on it).
  15. I was actually thinking the same thing a few days ago..

    I was on SMP1 and i /home (/v 2195) and didn't move.
    The i wrote the /pset command.
    And for some reason it added that flag on the lot i came from (1987)

    I also noticed that the welcome message doesn't show until you MOVE on the lot - could it be connected?
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  16. She said she did /home-2 (which was the non occupied lot) and then /res unclaim, so i'm not sure what happened.
  17. could the command /res unclaim have unclaimed her first lot, so /res unclaim 2 would be the right command?
  18. /res unclaim will unclaim the res you are currently at (if its yours)
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  19. Ok just throwing something out there is all :p

    EDIT: navigating multiple plots is the only thing I haven't really looked into, as I can only have one. sorry for the ignorant post.
  20. You should try it :D

    I can recommend going gold/diamond.
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