Lot Auction - 12002

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  1. This auction is for the physical lot (reset) next to the spawn on SMP6. I have been contacted by various people wanting to trade / buy my lot, and since I have decided to stay on SMP2 I feel the only fair method is to auction it off.

    The lot number is 12002, directly to the left of the spawn on smp6.

    I've been offered 5000r from an individual already, and I'm not sure what player's value the lot location at. So that will be the starting bid.

    The auction will continue for 12 hours from the last bid.

    Once the auction is complete and payment is recieved, the winning bidder and I will organize a time for me to /res unclaim, and them to claim it (in private chat or private message here on the forums to avoid chances of stealing the lot. In the unlikely chance that the lot is taken by someone during this time, I will refund the payment).

    I only accept rupees, diamonds, gold ingots and iron ingots. I value diamonds at 50r, gold and iron ingots at 10r and 9r respectively. These items can factor into the bids for those listed values.

    If the bidder is not a supporter, I can setup a storage room / bunch of chests at my hotel for you to store stuff during the transition at no fee. Obviously the player vault will hold quite a bit, but I know most of us have more than 1 vault worth of items.

    This is all under the assumption that I can auction of a lot (assuming it's rare enough since there are only 4 per server). The lot is reset (nothing on it), just the location.

    Thanks and happy bidding!
  2. 5000 :)

    P.S I'm willing to go quite high on this, What is the auto-buy?
  3. From what I know, your not allowed to auction lots, as there is no real system for it.
  4. I'm not sure about the other lot auction going on, but at least this one states that it is for location only and that it will be entirely reset. Maybe someone else could give a solid ruling, but it seems legit unless there's a longer delay for someone else to claim the spot beyond the grace period given to reclaim a residence after unclaiming.
  5. Geez, I just don't have the rupees right now XD
    How long do you tolerate before receiving payment?
  6. Ask dark_liz on this one. She's the Mal of forums. Minus the funny part xD no, scratch that. Humor isn't an intentional thing
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  7. From what I've asked, I haven't heard anything saying I can't auction it. I would want the rupees when the auction ends.

    I'll go ahead and set a buyout at 25k.
  8. Wise choice xD though buyouts are never good when it could go higher
  9. Have I won? :D
  10. I'd say so. PM me on here and we can setup a time. I'm at work from 8am-4pm cst, but outside of that we should be able to work it out.
  11. Cst xD go Mizzou?
  12. I actually went to Texas A&M for my undergrad. We will be against Mizzou next year though! Go SEC!

    Since we've been recruiting out of the big 12 though, I'm pretty sure the first couple years are going to be rough.
  13. I buy for 5.5k
  14. is this auction over?
  15. I do believe it's over. Though it's not my auction to say so.
  16. It's over. I sold it to Joshposh70 for 5.5k
  17. ahhhh i offered u 10k like 2 weeks ago :(
  18. You offered me the stronghold coordinates, no rupees. I got a bunch of offers, so I posted an auction.
  19. said the coordiantes and i said i had 10,000r to spend on it :(
  20. Lol, i can copy paste the email. But no matter, its sold now.