Lost some of my toys. D:

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  1. Well, I learned something the hard way. Apparently the access sign's permission goes not only downward, but to the left and right as well, making both of my treasure chests (along with a few precious resources) totally open to the public.


    I certainly didn't expect this behavior from the sign, since it "looks" like it should only go downward. I just hope a few others can learn from my own mistakes. ^^;
  2. That sucks! :(
    I always kinda wondered about that - I thought signs could be used one space away, but didn't know they could affect more than one thing at a time... and since there's no way to test which have access without a friend to help you, it's hard to tell what a sign gives access to sometimes.
    Sorry to hear you lost stuff... thanks for the warning!
  3. Sorry to hear about your loss. Thank you, though, for the info.
  4. What an awful way to discover a sign issue, what did you end up losing from the chests?

    Edit: Every cloud may have a silver lining, i wonder if this means 'lock' signs in the wild can protect diagonally too. If so you could potentially protect 2 double chests and a brewingstand/craft table/furnace/etc. with only 1 sign.
  5. This was my adventuring chest, so I didn't lose anything valuable - surplus picks, shovels, torches and (worst of all) all my meeeat. I'm more disappointed in knowing that my fellow players go around fishing for unlocked chests than I am about losing my stuff, but I'd say that learning about an edge case in the programming offsets that.

    It would be cool if the locking in the wilderness works the same way. ^^

    EDIT: Actually, it wouldn't work for a double chest. I forgot to mention that the access only works on one side of the chest. So while the side next to the sign would be protected, the other side that's farther away would not be.
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  6. Thanks I will look into this, I already know what the issue is :) Sorry it happened but thanks a ton for the report :)