Lost My Starter Horse

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  1. I lost my starter horse, in Town. :(

    I know where I left it, but it wasn't there when I got back and it's not at my residence, its been roughly 24hrs now.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you.
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  2. Don't worry, It it does not turn up I will gladly give you another horse to use (Over 100 speed) I'll make sure you have everything to tame it with and i'll even rename it if you want :) Sorry to hear about this.
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  3. Thank you, the_creeper_lord. I appreciate the offer. I'll look you up if it doesn't return. Consider me a friend, bro.

    Again, thanks. :)
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  4. Was gonna offer him a starter horse but your offer is much better :p
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  5. Sorry :eek: I don't actually know the stats of one as they didnt exist when I joined :p
  6. Before giving up, try tying /stable summon 1 and make sure the horse is not on the residence you spawned it on. Make sure you are in town. In the wild there is a 100r fee for stable summoning. The system does not want horses left all over town. If you leave your horses anywhere in town other than the residence you spawned it on, the system is supposed to return the horse to your residence or your stable. Good Luck!
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  7. Why be sorry? It's nice to see other members be nice to each other! But I don't know either xD I have loads of them but never used them :p
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  8. A little off topic (sorry) May I see one next time you are on?
  9. I've actually tried the /stable summon 1, all it keeps telling me is, Invalid stable #. When I just do /stables, it responds with a (0/1).

    In regards to where I first spawned it from the egg... I honestly cannot recall where that was.

    I do recall where I left it before it vanished. I have yet to see it show up at my residence, nor have I been able to find it around the area where I left it. I've been to every area I can recall since joining Empire Minecraft with no luck.
  10. You can only spawn horses on residences that you have the build flag so that may narrow the search a little. I'm sorry you lost your horse.
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  11. Thank you guys for your support. You've made my first time experience with the Empire Community an "EPIC" one! Again, thank you.

    Thank you for that bit of info MrsWishes, it does help. I've been running up and down the roads looking for the thing lol. Seen some amazing structures and seen some firework show. So it's not a total loss.

    You folks look me up, come visit my maze. You'll have loads of fun navigating through it.

    Stay cool and game on!
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