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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by kendrickdk, Sep 30, 2013.

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  1. Hello, took a break from minecraft to do some other stuff. I come back and notice my residence on smp9 is pretty much destroyed and really no longer mine. After some reading on residences I notice this...

    Any player who does not sign-in to any Empire server for a period of 15 days is derelict, meaning their residence can be unclaimed at any time. This does not apply to active supporters, even if they have been away for more than a month.

    If you are going to be gone for longer than 15 days let us know the reason and we will not reclaim your residence. The best way to do this is to PM Bigdavie, shaunwhite1982, IcecreamCow and Maxarias on the forums.

    Any player who is permanently banned will have their residence reset and lost after 7 days at the minimum. The 7 days allows time for a banned player to appeal the ban if the ban was in error. If you successfully appeal a ban that was not in error, you will be purged: this includes your residence being unclaimed.

    If you were a Supporter and claimed multiple res's before you downgraded you will not lose your res if you follow the normal derelict policy.

    So, guess that is that. I hope someone enjoyed destroying what I think was one of the best residences on the server. It is my fault that It didn't occur that there was a time limit on my residence. This is the main problem when you try to build anything on someone else's server. The only solution is to either build my own server or wait for a more reliable solution. I had a lot of fun on empireminecraft and met lots of good people. Take care and enjoy destroying the rest of my stuff.

  2. This has been happening far too much recently.
  3. Same happened to my brother, he has been busy with work for 2 weeks. Comes back on to the server after 16 days, his has been reset...
  4. It's often sad to hear when a player returns to see his res reset, but I feel I should say that the derelict policy on EMC is fairer right now that it ever has been. The derelict time was a while back raised from 10 to 15 days, you can now vote to reset it back to zero and all it takes is a simple PM to the staff to protect it for up to many months.
    And also, unless somebody else had perms to your res, it is unlikely that anyone "enjoyed" destroying it. Yes, a player could have forceclaimed it, but they would not have gained from it at all (it actually costs 5,000 rupees to do so), and there is also the likelihood that the res was claimed by the system to make extra space.
    And while you may feel very annoyed right now about your lost res, it is important to know that these systems are in place to make it fair for all, so the smps don't get clogged up with unused residences.
  5. You could have always voted for reset the timer ^.^ they made it so when you vote you won't go derelict. However I'm sorry that this happened to you. :(
  6. I don't know if this is a goodbye thread but these are not allowed. I am sorry about your res though :(.
  7. He was gone when the derelict policy went into effect... He had no way of knowing this would happen.
  8. Sorry to be the stick in the side but this system has been in place for quite some time and all it take to keep you stuff from going derelict is either signing in once every 14 days or voting once every 14 days. it takes a little reminder on your phone " which everyone has nowadays" and 1 min to vote


    as stated contacting Icecreamcow! if you want your creation to last put forth the effort to help it along the way
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  9. I tought the derelict policy was first put in like a year ago? :confused:
  10. It was, but players couldn't claim them until a month or two ago, and it was a pain in the donkey to contact Shaun (he was the only senior staff then) to reset a res for you.
  11. Lots of the unclaims are done by system.. not players.
  12. 15 days is silly tho. Who hasnt been bored/tired of the game at some point and been gone 2 weeks? And if you think youre done with the game youre not gonna vote or join/leave every 14 days for the heck of it. But most of the time ppl come back after a short while. Should be atleast 1 month maybe even 2 before derlict kicks in imo.
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  13. i really do not like how you're blaming someone else

    " I hope someone enjoyed destroying what I think was one of the best residences on the server. "

    ... or am i the only one who's taking that as a rude comment... considering it wasn't that persons fault in the least bit.
    also, depending on when you left, the system could have deleted it before this new system of players deleting it.

    and this comment, also completely not needed.
    " Take care and enjoy destroying the rest of my stuff. "
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  14. That would be too long for servers like SMP1 and 9 where it can get quite populated. Making it a month for 5 and 15 days for 1 would cause way too much confusion.

    It's based on the longest derelict, not exactly 15 days, so that's just the maximum protection you have. It's not fair to have new players not have a residence to get to, then lose them, because someone got bored and didn't log in or vote.
    Although I'm sorry you lost your res, I'd be pretty annoyed too, it's not fair to keep your res when you're not active. Don't want to repeat what everyone else has said though, so I hope you don't leave us purely because of this. :)
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  15. Life is not fair and easy... So live with it...
  16. Quite a lot of people actually, a lot more than you might think.
    But it can be 2 months, all it takes is a simple PM.
    And even one month would be far too long, because if a player leaves for month without even a goodbye or a mention, I think it's safe to assume they're gone for good. Sure, players have left for that long and come back, but the majority do not, if you came across a res whose owner was 30+ days derelict, you would think they were gone for good, wouldn't you?
    Not sure if this was directed at me entirely, but I didn't say that it was either fair or not fair :confused:
  17. couldnt of said it better myself
    if you think you are done with the game then why should we keep your residence? you do realize that at some point if we kept every residence there would be about 30 servers right now with like 2 people max on each one? the system in place is about as fair as it can be for everyone. if you arent going to make an effort to keep your res why should the system?
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  18. Spoken like a champ.
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