lost my horse to the wasteland tp's

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  1. i tried entering the tp and it dismounted me, and i tried getting back on it and it would dismount every time, i tried backing out while continously getting back on, and when i went to my res to get a lead, it was gone when i got back, neither side of the portal had it
  2. Same thing with me. It was a emc horse with me though. :(
  3. What you do: shift-right click the horse to open its inven. Place on it a saddle. Then mount. The horse will to with you.
  4. Yeah make sure you are using a saddle.

    EDIT: Just read the post above me, I'm late lol
  5. also mods said not to use the emc horses while they fix things
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  6. It's allowed, it's just not reccomended :p
  7. what i meant was if you lose a 35k horse they wont replace it
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  8. it already had a saddle on, i was headed out to wasteleands, without a saddle, i wouldnt have control over movement to even go that far
  9. This is a bug with the horses. For some reason they dismount when they touch water. Already on the bug tracker. :)