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  1. _Story_
    There was a once very large Kingdom, that survived and thrived underneath the rule of King Enoch.
    This kingdom was no normal Kingdom, it consisted of floating islands. Each one with a role of its own.
    One farmed, one grinded for XP for countless hours a day, another caved and found goods, and one basked in the glory. The main island.

    One day, an evil dark magic wizard hacked his way into the main island, and setup a base of operations.
    About 6 months later, he unleashed the Endermen into the world. These 'Endermen' abducted people in their sleep, turning them into creepers.

    One day, the king attempted to kill the wizard, but the Wizard turned him into a zombie.
    The king then ate his family, until half of them were zombies and half of them were skeletons.

    Now, 100 years later, new people have settled. But will they adapt to the constant battles they will have against the monsters each night? Will they be rich? But most important of all, will they wipe out the Endermen?

    _What do you do?_
    You create a Kingdom, each with a king, a role, starting armour, starting weapons and starting buildings.
    You then work your way up, providing food for your peasants, grinding XP (takes 1 page) and resources.
    You will then go to battle with other kingdoms (only when I say, and I will only pick 2 kingdoms at a time. I will most likely only do these battles every 5 pages), and the winner receives 50 logs, which you then use to make houses for the peasants, or something different.

    You may also ally with other kingdoms, so when a battle with the endermen comes, you can fight with another kingdom.

    Your villagers will reproduce every 4 pages. Your population goes up by 50.
    Every 2 pages is one night. This means one page will be spent swapping materials, and I can make you lose villagers to monsters. Your population will go down by 100.

    Keep everything Minecraft related (the ores you mine, the weapons you have (however you can have maces and spears and clubs) etc.

    No modern weapons. This is a mythical land, with swords and cannonballs and stuff only.

    Do not have ANY arguments with, or kill off, another kingdom. This will only make you be banned from participating. You can post as much as you want, your posts will only be ignored.


    Kingdom Name:
    Starting weapons:
    Starting buildings:
    Starting Armour: (leather or chainmail)
    Population: (5,000 or 10,000. 10,000 means your kingdom will have more land, but you lose villagers twice as quickly in a night. 5,000 means you have less land, but you don't lose as many villagers)
  2. Voidside kingdom
    Bow and arows
    Barracks, villager houses, melon farm, archer tower.
    5.000 villagers
  3. Kingdom Name: Mortoma
    King: Ushnark the Mighty
    Starting weapons: We use Sharpness I iron swords, and Flame Aspect I bows.
    Starting buildings: Houses, Training Center, Large Wheat Farm, Iron Mine, Fortress, Cow Farm
    Starting Armour: Assuming ChainMail isnt the super armor it is, Ill go with leather.
    Population: 7500. Ill go with the middle way.
  4. Kingdom Name: Pub Stompers
    King: The_Stimulus
    Starting Weapons: ACR Silenced with Specialist. (Diamond Sword with Knockback 3, Flame 2, Sharpness 5)
    Starting Buildings: Houses, Hotels, Training Center, Large Restaurants, Diamond Mine, Huge Fortress, Camping Bunker, Gaming Center
    Starting Armor: Diamond Enchanted Armor with (Respiration, Feather Falling, Blast Protection, Fire Protection)
    Population: Over 9000
    Targets: You
    Allies: 5 other Pub Stompers
    Heck Yeah..jpg
  5. Kingdom Name: Rogashin
    King: Aragin Roshan
    Starting weapons: Diamond Swords for Nobles, Stone swords and bows for soldiers.
    Starting buildings: Furnace Room, Crafting Room, Quarry, and Sugar Cane farm.
    Starting Armour: Chainmail
    Population: 5,000

    Rogashin wishes to Ally Mortoma
  6. "Do not [...] kill off, another kingdom"

    You know EMC is NO PVP anywhere right?

    So any "factions" have to be nice to each other.
  7. This is ROLEPLAYING. And Iamsaj, your way to overpowered, lol.
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  8. Kingdom Name: Toastania
    King: Sparer
    Starting weapons: Diamond Sword Flame III Sharpness II for commanders, Bow and Iron Sword for soldiers
    Starting buildings: Large Melon Farm, Villager Homes, Iron Mine, Coal Mine, Castle, Forge, Small Enchatment Area
    Starting Armour: Chainmail
    Population: 7500
  9. Hey, like you said, it's role-playing. I'm playing the role of a Pub Stomper. Which stomps your face.
  10. Yes, until I say.