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  1. This is just a simple thread for myself to organize... stories, mainly fantasy with a bit of sci-fi. I will add more stories/poems/riddles when I write them.
    Here is the first:

    In a castle made of gold, a thief awakes, to the sound of trumpets.
    A member of the royal family has recently died in battle, but this is the chance Trevor needs.
    He begins his journey, to the castle wall, with rope and sword in hand.
    No guards are aware of him, as it is this moment a salute to the fallen member is held.
    Trevor lassos the rope around a spike, and climbs up the glistening wall. He knew the way;
    Two rights and a left. The salute is dropped, as the body in ship flies over the chasm to the shadow lands. Two guards spot Trevor, however Trevor is already one step ahead, using the rope he brought with to trip the guards. He runs toward the chamber that he seeks. There, it sits. Beckoning to be used. With one touch Trevor will have all the magic in the kingdom, and all the control at his finger tips.
    He grasps it, and as the body reaches the shadows, a new king sits atop his throne:
    King Trevor.
  2. Dark The Chasm Shall Grow,
    Night falls, it might snow,
    do not jump, for you know,
    Endless, as rivers flow.
    No escape, from this blow,
    Dark The Chasm Shall Grow.
  3. To the West,
    To the West,
    It lies, waiting,
    for the best,
    to come.
    The Desert Endless,
    It lies, waiting,
    for the best,
    to come.
  4. Once upon a time, in dark forest,
    was a mouse, named Alas.
    He was a talking mouse, with no magical powers, but a brave heart.
    He had been captured by merchants in the forest, who plan to sell him to the warlock for goods...
    But what they don't realize is that Alas was hired by the warlock himself, to bring the merchants to his lair.
    They had stolen some potions, that caused people to grow and to shrink, and this was their karma for stealing.
    As the merchants walked into the house at the edge of the forest,
    They walked right into a trap. The warlock made them shrink to the size of Alas, and then freed the mouse.

    But, it's not the story, it's the moral. And this story's moral is do not sell which you wish to gain from, nor steal what is not yours. But, one question remains,
    who were the good people, and who were the bad in this tale?
  5. To the east,
    the flowers grow,
    the west,
    a desert beckons
    the south,
    a kingdom sprawls,
    the north,
    a chasm deepens.
    What lies beyond?
  6. There is no such person.
  7. wut. There is, but it's up to the reader to decide who.
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  8. I live in the dark forest... no such thing.
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  10. There once was a trooper, who lived on a island north of Lost Land.
    He was apart of a advanced society, technological that is.
    But he wanted something...
    different. So this trooper disobeyed his orders one day,
    and flew his aircraft to a remote mountain in Lost Land.
    Little did he know, this mountain was home to huge ravens, that killed trespassers...
    And so, his captain thought him to be dead, but the trooper still lived, hidden from the ravens view...