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  1. I acidentally died and lost all of my items, including my pickaxe and shovel, so I can't mine for material. What can I do to get them back? I have already tried to run through the tutorial again, but that didn't work.
  2. Buy tools off of players using your starting allowance. If you've blown that somehow... punch trees.
  3. What do you need? Im sure i can find some tools you can use :) tomorrow if you come to my residence smp2 4373 i can give you some or i could give you some rupees to buy some from the shop :) :D (rupees would be best for me :D)
  4. I've tried punching stuff, but I can't collect it.
  5. Unfortunatley, I'm on smp4.
  6. Step 1. Type /wild
    2. Start running into the wild. Run far.
    3. While running, look for any animal you can punch to death for food.
    4. Stop running when you find a tree.
    5. Punch the crud out of the tree to get logs. Repeat this for 2 or 3 trees.
    6. Take said logs, turn into planks.
    7. Turn said planks into 1 workbench and 4 sticks.
    8. Use the bench to make a wooden pickaxe and sword.
    9. Dig down to get cobble.
    10. Make stone tools.
    11. Jump for joy u got tools!
  7. By punch we mean hold down the left mouse button till it breaks
  8. If you can't figure out how to collect resources by punching, tools are useless to you.

    Were you inside the protected zone? If you're getting an error in chat that you can't break a block, you need to go further into the wild. It'll be pretty obvious where the boundary lies.
  9. Never Mind. I just found a bunch of tools at a store.
  10. To get stuff by punching it.You first have to put your FOV in the settings to max.Then while punching the stuff jump up and down and sing the chorus to "The Best Around".You should start being able to collect stuff from trees and mines then.
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