Lost Items

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Historian101, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. Hi, I just got owned by a creeper and spider and i cant find my stuff. I will pay 1000rups to whoever finds my stuff, it should have an almost used up pick in it. Or 19 melons
  2. For reference, befre you respawn, hit f3 and write down your cords. Then you could fnd your stuff again easier. With only what you've put here, it will be nearly impossible to find it
  3. it does, but noe i dont think the items are recoverable, everyone knows the despawn after 5 mmins
  4. Well my diamonds are gone
  5. Ok thanks Moose. :)
  6. um historian, a conversation please i want to tell ya something
  7. You can message someone privately by clicking on their name ;)
  8. that was easy justin. anyway what is the item despawn time? 5 mins?
  9. well no one can really find them i seuggest next time open up the live map and remember where u died then just go back to the same spot this always works for me but be quick :p