Lost Items When Crafting Past Full Inventory Bug

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by azoundria, May 31, 2015.

  1. Steps to replicate:

    Step 1: Fill your whole inventory except for 5 slots.

    Step 2: Place a stack of iron blocks in the crafting table. (There will now be 6 slots empty in your inventory.)

    Step 3: Hold shift and click to craft all.

    You will now get 6 stacks of iron ingots, and 21 iron blocks will remain.

    Start With: 64 iron blocks = 576 iron ingots.
    End With: 21 iron blocks = 189 iron ingots, 6 x 64 iron ingots = 384 iron ingots. Total 573 iron ingots.

    Expected result would be 22 blocks should remain and the 6th stack of ingots will not be completely full. Instead, 3 iron ingots completely vanish. It's possible to lose more items (up to 8 iron ingots) based on the rounding.
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  2. 4 iron vanished for me... :/

    I also got 28 blocks left, not 21. I believe your math's off a bit.
  3. You probably had 6 slots left instead of 5. (7 after you removed the iron blocks.)

    The results are different based on how many slots you have left.