Lost in wildernes, need numbers to smp3 town from f3 key

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Cuniclarius, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. Jumped into wilderness and need numbers to get back. Been out here having fun. Got loaded up, but can't find town. Everything I try, says I have to be in town to use, go figure! Am newbee to this server. If someone could send me general gid numbers around town of the smp3 servival non pvp, off of the f3 key that's in that town, I'll give you my first born son in the wilderness as a slave. (he's not born yet though). Thanks for your help and more so, your time, Lord Cuniclarius, Knoble Knight of the block table, of King Notch.
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  2. use the live map - it's on the "servers" tab
  3. Yup the live map will show you the coordinates if you hold your mouse over it :) (top left corner)
  4. and also more convenient for just following yourself on the map and seeing where your at.
  5. in addition to the live map i usually have a secret room that has resident numbers, locations (from f3 debug mode), and just names of people to remember. but now my secret is out, and i fell that some people will look for those rooms now :p
  6. well on your res you can put it in a room with a door so others cant get in.

    I found someones note board like that last night with "good diamond shop" and sure enough there was low priced diamond store there, but out of stock