Lost in the Wilderness?

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  1. I'm lost in the wilderness an anybody help me by giving me the spawn co-ordinates?
    im sure im not the only person who's encountered this problem.
  2. i got lost for 3 hours.....found my way back by a simple chance of sailing around luck lolcompasses work if you disconnect and reconnect when you enter a new world(ex.wilderness from town)
  3. I will add the spawn coordinates to the guide tomorrow :)
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  4. Actual coordinates:

    x: -576
    z: 271

    That negative is important.
  5. aus for once i will say it is positive to be negative!!!! also did you find your way home?
  6. i did not. i stumbled onto a village. im now building there :p know my way back now though
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  7. haha brads lost ;)
  8. THANK YOU I got lost, and now tomorrow I will follow the cords home!
  9. I always use the minimap and mark the spawns and outposts.
  10. This is a terribly old thread, most all of it is outdated. Why was it Necro Bumped?
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  11. No Clue.I don't check dates.