Lost Horse!

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  1. Hello people of EMC!

    I seemed to have misplaced my horse. It's a Incitatus. It's white and it was last seen roaming the Streets around spawn on Smp4 two weeks ago. If any of you have any knowledge about this missing horse please post down below.
  2. if you dismounted this horse in any area other then where you spawned it, it'll return home after 5 mins

    home can be either of the following

    your main res " if you spawned it on a res not belonging to you"

    or any other res you own " if you spawn it on you 2nd res then that would be counted as home"
  3. hmm was it a stabled horse or was it a horse you have on res on smp4?
  4. I spawned it on my main residence (8179) but I rode it over to my 2nd residence (8006) I put the horse in a 3x4 hole in the ground so It wouldn't escape. when i signed back in the next day the horse was gone. I've searched both residences and I haven't found it at either one.
  5. putting a horse in a hole like that can cause it to die, since they are dumb and tend to try and wall thru walls.
  6. Lost a few horses like that r.i.p
  7. wall through walls eh?
  8. this happened to me once, it went to my stables, did u check All your stables?
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  9. I don't have any stables.
  10. you should have some because your gold, you get 3 or something like that as a gold perk
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  11. Type /stable and it will tell you whether your horses are in storage or not, if it is in your stables type /stable summon 1
    Hope I helped :)
  12. No horsies for me :(

  13. This happened to me. I left my horse* on a friends res and when I dismounted it the message came up so I didn't worry about it much. After an hour had passed my horse still hadn't come home :( Im positive that its not in my stable. To this very day its still missing ;n;

    *Incitatus >.>
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  14. He means a kind of virtual stable exclusive to EMC, not any kind of physical stable. Like joshyrocks13 said, you can type /stable to see your horses, and use /stable summon # to summon the horse again.
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  15. i was tired when i wrote that ><
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